Class-Sponsored Events

Each class will assist with various PCCS activities.

  • 1st Grade: Graduation
  • 2nd Grade: Back-to-School Bash
  • 3rd Grade: Veteran’s Day chapel
  • 4th/5th/6th Grades: Auction clean up
  • 7th/8th Grades: See You at the Pole

Community Outreach

Students will practice service in their community.

  • 1st Grade: Pastor Appreciation
  • 2nd Grade: Kindness Week
  • 3rd Grade: Decorating VFW Hall for Veteran’s Day
  • 4th/5th Grades: Fire Department
  • 6th/7th Grades: Health Care Workers
  • 8th/9th Grades: MoDOT, Local Mission Project

First through Eleventh grades use a combination of Abeka, Bob Jones, and Purposeful Design Publication materials for their curriculum. We are evaluating our curriculum regularly in order to continue offering your child the very best Christian-based education. While some classes may have certain specialized subjects, all classes are taught a certain level of

  • math,
  • science,
  • social studies, and
  • English/language.

Reading and spelling are also largely taught according to the appropriate age groups. Bible classes will include lessons and topics from God’s Word, including weekly Scripture memorization and prayer. Special classes, such as P.E., art, computers, and music, are given on a weekly basis. For more information about what your kids are learning and doing at PCCS, please contact us or visit the Curriculum page.

Other Activities

ACSI Competitions and Academic Activities

To further enhance your children’s learning experience, they can participate in academic competitions. Because of our ACSI affiliation, PCCS students are able to sign up for science fairs, spelling bee, math Olympics, art fairs, and several other academic events. There will also be opportunities for your students to showcase their work and achievements throughout the year.

Servant Leadership

As part of our mission, PCCS strives to equip your children with “servant leadership,” helping students understand citizen and student responsibility and working together in diligence. Sacrificing time and effort to uplift the community and participate here at PCCS are just two ways that we can encourage students to have a desire to be a light in this world and to humbly follow God’s Word by being revealing their love for Christ to others in their community.

In addition to these service opportunities, PCCS also gives students an atmosphere dedicated to worshiping and communing with the Lord in weekly chapel services. Guest speakers and programs are also scheduled throughout the year. These opportunities allow PCCS students to be constantly focused on their relationship with God and to walk in His ways inside and outside of school.