The Endowment Fund

How will the PCCS Endowment be Used?

In the following mission of PCCS, the fund will be used to support student aid, the advancement of teacher salaries and benefits, and the betterment of facilities and instructional environment.

Introducing the Polk County Christian School Endowment Fund

The establishment and growth of the Polk County Christian School Endowment Fund have been a high-priority goal for the PCCS Board for many years. Long-term financial stability, the ability to offer competitive teacher salaries and benefits, quality facilities for students, and life-changing ministry and mission opportunities were the genesis behind its formation. Growing the next generation of servant leaders is at the heart of the PCCS mission. We hope you will prayerfully consider helping make the vision of the PCCS Endowment Fund a reality.

Why Contribute to the PCCS Endowment Fund?

  • We are a local Christian school with deep roots in the community and area for the past 15 plus years.
  • Children flourish in an academic environment that supports the Biblical values of the home and church.
  • PCCS helps equip the next generation with the full armor of God and prepare them to live a life pleasing to God.
  • Students are taught by certified staff that models Christian principles and values.
  • Our students consistently score well above the national norm on standardized tests.
  • More than 30% of the PCCS annual budget is dependent upon the generosity of our donors.

Types of Donations

  • Cash
  • Wills are an easy and inexpensive alternative to document your planned giving intentions.
  • Non-probate transfers consist of four planned giving options that offer flexibility, simple set-up, document privacy, and an efficient means to transfer gifts.
    • Trusts can be individually tailored for each situation.
    • Beneficiary designations include life insurance policies, stocks, annuities, securities, and real estate. These various types of gifts allow individuals to designate for charitable purposes.
    • Transfer on Death (TOD)/pay on death certificate(POD) with titled assets, such as vehicles and bank accounts, can be considered alternative gifts.
    • Gifts of appreciated assets are outright gifts of a living owner’s property that were bought for one price and now has increased significantly in value. The donor may receive a tax benefit for the gift at the amount it is currently worth (versus what they paid) while the charity gets the asset at the current value and pays no tax on the transfer.

*Please consult with your attorney or accountant for specific tax questions.

Benefits of Making a Charitable Contribution

  • The beauty of the PCCS Endowment is that your charitable intentions will be honored year after year through awarded grants, leaving a legacy for generations to come.
  • Reduce income tax through a deduction for a charitable gift.
  • Avoid capital gain tax on gifts of long-term appreciated property.
  • Eliminate federal estate tax on property passing to the PCCS Endowment upon a donor’s death.

Please consider PCCS Endowment in your estate planning.